Most people remember him for his trashtalking. We’ll remember him for his fist-talking. Here’s a recap of his flawless run through the UFC Featherweight class.


Mystic Mac debuting in style against Marcus Brimage.

Two fights later, a brutal TKO against Diego Brandão.

And another, against Dustin Poirier. People started to get worried. Who is this guy?

Then, the crucial fight against the gatekeeper–the fighter you need to beat for the chance to fight the champ–Denis Siver.

Remember when Conor lept out of the cage to make his first face-off against Jose Aldo, the then-reigning champ?

But then Aldo pulled out with an injury. Stepping in was Chad Mendes, who would fare no better than the others Conor dropped.

With the interim belt in hand, Conor was hungry for the real belt on Aldo’s waist. We won’t even post a GIF here; the video is short enough.

Best of luck to you in retirement, Conor.



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