Prince is dead but we know he’ll never die. Here are his 10 most iconic songs.


1. 1999

The ultimate party song! Released in 1982, because Prince always showed up 17 years ahead of time.

2. Raspberry Beret

Typical teenage romance. But listen closer, something sinister is going on…

3. Gett Off

Some say this was his “last great song.” They’re wrong though.

4. Sign ‘O The Times

When Prince showed us his political edge

5. Alphabet Street

Uplifting, funky, and one of his finest

6. U Got The Look

Raunchy pop at its best

7. When Doves Cry

‘She’s never satisfied’–and neither was he

8. Girls & Boys

This one comes with a health warning

9. Purple Rain

Truly an anthem. Check this live version.

10. Cream

He wrote this song standing in front of a mirror. That’s all you need to know.



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