Life doesn’t get any easier for the Lyon family. With all the chaos, twists, and surprises we see on Empire – there’s one thing that sets the show apart from every other one. Celebrity cameos! From Chris Rock to Alicia Keys, these cameos are far more than just 5 minute appearances.  

Here are five celebrity cameos who we predict will make it on season 3.

1. Kanye West


Take together the rise of Lucious and Hakeem’s usual antics – we get Kanye. More than anything, Kanye fits perfectly into the plot of Empire. With entrepreneurial, ambitious projects being led by stars and ongoing celeb conflicts, we all know Kanye can perfectly fit into the plot. Did you know Kanye was the inspiration for Lee Daniels to write the show in the first place?

2. Mariah Carey

Her collaboration with Lee Daniels goes back years. Both worked together on Precious and Tennessee. And we all know that the best way for her to be on the show is to play a camped-up version of herself. 

3. Paula Patton

She definitely needs a win, Robin Thicke being down in the dumps right now. Not only does she match the vibe on Empire, she’s worked with Lee Daniels before. They last collaborated on Precious.

4. Zac Efron

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Efron in a musical. High School Musical and Hairspray clearly showed us that he’s a strong musical performer. If not a character cameo, he could up for a 5 second appearance as an Abercrombie model.

5. Nicki Minaj

We all know the ‘Hey Mama’ star is a phenomenal rapper and her music is always rocking the charts. However, she has been trying her hand in acting recently.  A guest role as Hakeem’s love interest or Lucious’ competitor could go a long way.

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