TL;DR: Prince had an ego. Who knew?


1. Back in 1982, Prince releases his album 1999 (because he was always 17 years in the future). It’s amazing and Prince is on top of the world.

2. For four weeks. Michael Jackson releases Thriller a month later and skyrockets past Prince into the stratosphere.

3. Met with a challenger for once in his life, Prince has to go back to the drawing board. He tweaks his sound for Purple Rain. It kills.

4. Michael, yet to become the King of Pop, sees this and decides to change his own image. He wants to be bad (like Prince) so he releases Bad in 1987.

5. And here’s where the trouble begins.

6. See, Michael loves Prince, and wants to team up with him, so he sends a recording of Bad to Prince and asks him to duet.

7. That’s right. Bad was originally a duet between Michael and Prince. But Prince declines… by sending back his own version of Bad, like “oh, you wanna know who’s really bad?”

8. The duet ends up getting scrapped. Years later, Prince offers an explanation.

9. And we guess it makes sense. But who knows how good that song would’ve been if only they’d communicated…



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